As summer approaches, so do the eagerly anticipated family road trips! Amidst the excitement of planning vacations, from budgeting to accommodation to keeping the kids entertained on the journey, one essential aspect should never be overlooked: your tires.

Summer road trips can be tough on tires, especially with fully loaded vehicles enduring long hours of travel in scorching temperatures. Overheated tires are a risk, as heat can be detrimental even to the highest-quality tires. 

Here’s what to consider before embarking on your summer adventures:

Inflation: Underinflated tires not only compromise fuel economy but also pose safety risks. Even a slight drop in tire pressure can significantly impact gas mileage. Just as riding a bike with underinflated tires feels like traversing through wet sand, your car suffers similarly with insufficiently inflated tires. Modern tire designs may not visibly deform until they’re drastically low on air, so it’s crucial to check tire pressure regularly using a reliable gauge.

Rotation: To prevent uneven wear patterns caused by weight distribution and driving habits, regular tire rotations are essential. This practice promotes even tire wear, enhances vehicle ride and handling, and extends tire service life. Considering tire rotations should typically occur every 5,000 miles, scheduling them alongside oil changes is a wise move.

Alignment: Normal wear and tear from road conditions can knock your car’s front end out of alignment over time. Misaligned wheels lead to uneven tire wear and may cause your vehicle to pull to one side, adversely affecting fuel efficiency and handling. If you notice your car veering or requiring constant correction while driving, it’s time to schedule a wheel alignment.

Before embarking on your summer road trips, ensure your tires are in optimal condition. Give our experts a call at Logan Tire Service or stop our Logansport shop by for a comprehensive tire inspection. Your safety on the road is our priority, so let’s make sure your adventures are worry-free!